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Publications and print materials


EAMS and legacy case number lookup tool
Electronic Reporting System for Doctor’s First Report of Injury
Independent Bill Review Decisions: Search Tool
Independent Medical Review Decisions: Search Tool
Online QME Form 106 Panel Request
For injuries on or after 1/1/05, online only as of Oct. 1, 2015
Pharmacy fee schedule
Public information case search
Qualified medical evaluator
Searchable Database of Liens Dismissed per Labor Code §4903.05(c)(2)

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Publications and print materials

A Guidebook for Injured Workers 6th edition

Benefit notice manual and sample benefit notices - version Jan 2016
Muestras De Notificaciones Acerca De Los Beneficios - versión Jan 2016

Division of Workers' Compensation/Workers' Compensation Appeals Board - Policy and Procedural Manual
Informational posters
Physician's Guide to Medical Practice in the California Workers' Compensation System
Preventing Psychiatric Injuries
Time of hire pamphlet text only version Word image
Un folleto para el nuevo empleado
versión de sólo texto Word image

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Audit Unit annual reports
Audit Unit annual reports
Carve-out program
Carve-out program: A report on activities for the calendar years 2004 - 2011
Independent Medical Review/ Independent Bill Review

IMR Glossary of Terms

Medical care in workers' compensation

Drug Formulary Implementation

Access, Quality, and Outcomes of Health Care in the California Workers' Compensation System, 2008
Ambulatory Surgical Services Provided Under California Workers' Compensation
Improving the quality of care for injured workers in California, focus group discussions
A research report, published November 2001
Predesignation of personal physician report pursuant to Labor Code section 4600(d)(7)
Utilization review in California's workers' compensation system: A preliminary assessment
A research brief, published July 2001
"What Do Injured Workers Think of Their Medical Care?" is a survey of patient satisfaction with medical care in the states' workers' compensation system. It contains questions on medical care, return to work, and functional outcomes following a work injury or illness. Those interested in using this survey should contact the DWC Managed Care Unit. You may download the technical report (1997) on the development of the survey, the actual questionnaire used and a May 2001 DWC research brief, What Do Injured Workers Think About Their Medical Care and Outcomes After Work Injury?
Physician fee schedule studies
The following studies and papers were sponsored by the Department of Industrial Relations. They provide background information relevant to adoption of a resource-based relative value scale for the physician fee schedule.

Adapting the RBRVS Methodology to the California Workers' Compensation Physician Fee Schedule - Dec. 2008

Adapting the RBRVS Methodology to the California Workers' Compensation Physician Fee Schedule: Supplemental report - March 2010

Adapting the RBRVS Methodology to the California Workers' Compensation Physician Fee Schedule - May 2008
Adopting medical fee schedules - summary - full text 2003
California Worker's Compensation RBRVS Study The Lewin Group; Oct. 8, 2002

RAND report:
Implementing a Resource-Based Relative Value Scale Fee Schedule for Physician Services: An Assessment of Policy Options for the California Workers’ Compensation Program (RAND-Report_RR395.pdf) (August 2013)

The Use of Resource-Based Relative Value Scales for Provider Reimbursement in State Workers' Compensation Programs UCLA Center for Health Policy Research; Sept. 1999
Workers' compensation assessment notices
2019 - 2020 assessment notices
Fraud notices
Workers’ Compensation Fraud Warning Notice 2019
Workers' compensation ethics advisory committee reports

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Home Health Services Fee Schedule
Home Health Care for California's Injured Workers – Options for Implementing a Fee Schedule
Medical treatment utilization schedule (MTUS)
Medical treatment utilization schedule (MTUS)
Official medical fee schedule (OMFS)
Official medical fee schedule (OMFS) 1999 to present
Permanent disability rating schedule (PDRS)
  • Permanent disability rating schedule - 2005 acrobat image
    This schedule is effective for dates of injury on or after Jan. 1, 2005. This schedule will also be used to rate permanent disability in injuries that occurred before Jan. 1, 2005 when there has been either no comprehensive medical-legal report, or no report by a treating physician indicating the existence of permanent disability, or when the employer is not required to provide a notice to the injured worker under Labor Code section 4061.
  • Permanent disability rating schedule - 1997
    This schedule is effective for dates of injury on or after Apr. 1, 1997

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