Division of Workers' Compensation

The Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) monitors the administration of workers' compensation claims, and provides administrative and judicial services to assist in resolving disputes that arise in connection with claims for workers' compensation benefits.

DWC's mission is to minimize the adverse impact of work-related injuries on California employees and employers.

COVID-19 Resources and Workers’ Compensation

Office Closure Information

All Division of Workers’ Compensation district offices are open, with the following exception:

  • Eureka office closed until further notice

Judges' Conference Lines Updated February 22

Alternative filing during COVID-19

  • In light of the continued state of emergency in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to facilitate other methods of filing in line with the newslines issued on April 3 and April 28, and pursuant to the WCAB’s en banc order issued on April 6, documents subject to a statutory time limit may be sent by e-mail directly to the district offices pursuant to AD Rule 10205.7(c) where the filing party could not otherwise e-file, JET file or file the document by mail. Refer to the district office page for e-mail and other contact information.

Interrupted Services

  • Refer to the September 9 newsline for detailed information regarding services starting September 14.
  • Disability Evaluation Unit continues to accept consultative and summary rating requests by mail or efiling. Commutation calculation requests can be requested by mail.
  • Open for essential services only:
    • DWC Medical Unit
    • Return-to-Work Supplement Program
    • Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund
    • Legal Unit
    • Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund

Updated February 22

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February 2021

February 25, 2021 DWC Posts Final Proposed Medical-Legal Fee Schedule Regulations, Files with Office of Administrative Law
February 25, 2021 DWC Moves Long Beach Office to New Location
February 24, 2021 DWC Posts Ethics Advisory Committee Annual Report for 2019
February 18, 2021 DWC Posts Fee Schedule Adjustments for Hospital Outpatient Departments / Ambulatory Surgical Centers
February 17, 2021 DWC Posts Reminder for Submission of Annual Report of Inventory for Claims Reported During Calendar Year 2020
February 10, 2021 DWC Posts Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule for Physician and Non-Physician Practitioner Services
February 8, 2021 DWC Issues Notice of Emergency Regulation to Re-Adopt Measures to Assist Medical-Legal Evaluations During COVID-19
February 4, 2021 DWC Opens Registration for 28th Annual Educational Conference
February 2, 2021 DWC Cancels February 18 Public Hearing for ACOEM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guideline into Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule

January 2021

January 28, 2021 DWC Posts Additional Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule for Pathology and Clinical Laboratory
January 25, 2021 DWC Moves SIBTF Office to New Location
January 20, 2021 DWC Posts Additional Adjustments to Official Medical Fee Schedule for Pathology and Clinical Laboratory
January 19, 2021 DWC Posts Report on Independent Bill Review
January 14, 2021 DWC Issues Notice of Conference Call Public Hearing on February 18 for Proposed COVID-19 Evidence-Based Update to the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule
January 12, 2021 DWC Accepting Applications for Qualified Medical Evaluator Examination
January 8, 2021 DWC Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Meeting Scheduled for January 20
January 7, 2021 DWC and WCAB Continue to Expand Services at the District Offices
January 4, 2021 DWC Posts Adjustment to Official Medical Fee Schedule (Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Section)