Office of the Director - Research (OD-Research)

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Research and Statistics

The Office of the Director - Research conducts research and prepares and maintains databases on alternative workweek programs, the California Consumer Price Index, occupational injuries & illnesses, and public works projects.

Prevailing Wage Determinations, Statistics, and Databases

Our staff is working remotely and is available to take public inquiries – please see the Contact Us page for information on how to reach us.
For Prevailing Wage questions, please send your inquiries to and provide the following information with your inquiry.

  • Your name
  • Company or agency name
  • Email address
  • A summary of your question(s)
  • Bid Advertisement Date
  • Craft(s)/Classification(s)
  • County Location of the Project

For Alternative Workweek Database (regarding filing) questions, please send your inquiries to
For information on the alternative workweek other than filing requirements, see Exceptions to the General Overtime Law.
For California Consumer Price Index (CPI) questions, please send your inquiries via email to
For questions regarding Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, please send your inquiries to


Newspaper publishers and distributors reporting

Wage and Benefit Surveys

Materials Recovery Facility Worker Wage and Benefit Survey in Los Angeles County

Public Works Projects

Occupational Injuries & Illnesses

California Consumer Price Index

Alternative Workweek

Overtime Exemptions


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