We are Seeking an Assistant Chief Counsel in Northern California

California is a leader in occupational safety and health and has the largest state OSHA plan nationwide. Cal/OSHA's Legal Unit is seeking an Assistant Chief Counsel in its Northern California Oakland office to help lead our expanding legal unit. Attorneys in our legal unit perform a variety of work, including administrative litigation, drafting and analyzing proposed legislation and occupational safety and health standards under Title 8, and advising Cal/OSHA staff at all levels on all legal matters. The work is varied, interesting, and fast-paced. Working together as a team, our Legal unit helps our agency deter future violations of occupational health and safety standards through rulemaking, outreach, enforcement and litigation.

Learn more about Cal/OSHA's mission to improve the health and safety of working people in California and the safety of passengers riding in elevators, amusement rides, and tramways on our Cal/OSHA webpage.

More information about how to apply for this position is provided in the current job posting for Assistant Chief Counsel in Northern California.

To take the Assistant Chief Counsel examination, please review the Official Exam Bulletin.


Cal/OSHA provides high quality on the job training, including specific training for new attorneys. As an employee of the State of California, you will receive generous benefits, including retirement and health, dental, and vision insurance. Cal/OSHA prides itself in being able to provide its staff with public transit discounts and unbeatable work-life balance.

Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications, possess strong analytical and communication skills, be able to prioritize tasks and meet multiple demands and deadlines. Bilingual and multilingual candidates are encouraged to apply.

To see a full list of benefits visit the Cal/HR benefits page.

Have questions? Want to learn more?

Contact Mary Ann David at mdavid@dir.ca.gov or (510) 286-7348.

January 2022