Contact Cal/OSHA

For information about COVID-19, heat illness prevention and wildfire smoke protections in the workplace or to speak with a bilingual Cal/OSHA representative during normal business hours, please call 833-579-0927.

Cal/OSHA Branches

Enforcement Branch

  • Job hazard complaints, notifications, and annual and project permits:
    • Enforcement offices contact page
      See also Labor Enforcement Task Force Unit, Mining and Tunneling Unit, and Process Safety Management Unit, below
    • Adult film industry (complaints of worker exposure to infectious disease)
  • Out-of state contractors' annual permits
    • Address: Chief's Office, Cal/OSHA Headquarters, 1515 Clay Street, Suite 1901, Oakland, CA 94612
    • Phone:(510) 286-7000
  • Renewals of annual permits
    • Address: Permit Unit, Cal/OSHA Headquarters, 1515 Clay Street, Suite 1901, Oakland, CA 94612
    • Phone:(510) 286-6871

Consultation Services Branch

Cal/OSHA Units

Amusement Ride and Tramway Unit

Asbestos and Carcinogen Unit

  • Asbestos contractor registrations:
  • Asbestos consultant and technician certifications, asbestos course approvals, and carcinogen reports:

Crane Unit

Elevator Unit

Heat and Agriculture Program

Labor Enforcement Task Force Unit

Legal Unit

  • 355 South Grand Avenue, Suite 1850, Los Angeles, CA 90071
    • Phone: (213) 576-7700;   Fax: (213) 576-7498
  • 1515 Clay Street, Suite 1901, Oakland, CA 94612
    • Phone: (510) 286-7348;   Fax: (510) 286-7039

Mining and Tunneling Unit

  • Complaints of job hazards in mines and tunnels, certifications, licenses, environmental hazard classifications, and notifications:
  • Mine safety training or preparation for a certification exam:
    • Southern California -- Phone: (909) 888-3942;   Fax: (530) 895-6941
    • Northern California -- Phone: (510) 895-6938;   Fax: (530) 895-6941

Pressure Vessel Unit

Process Safety Management Unit

Outreach Coordination Program

Research and Standards Occupational Health Unit

Research and Standards Occupational Safety Unit

  • Building maintenance equipment compliance determinations in southern California, rebar protective cover certifications, and gasoline vapor control systems certifications:
  • Building maintenance equipment compliance determinations in northern California:

Contact Cal/OSHA Headquarters

Cal/OSHA Headquarters

1515 Clay Street, Suite 1901
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 286-7000
Fax (510) 286-7037

Doug Parker, Chief
Cal/OSHA / Division of Occupational Safety and Health

Debra Lee, Deputy Chief
Field Enforcement

Cora Gherga, Assistant Chief
Enforcement Administration

Eric Berg, Deputy Chief
Research and Standards

Eugene Glendenning, Acting Program Manager
Consultation Services

August 2021