Alliance Logo Guidelines

Guidelines for Use

Only Use by Alliance Program Partners is Permitted

The Cal/OSHA Alliance Program logo (Logo) is the property of Cal/OSHA and the State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). It is not available for use by the general public. Cal/OSHA and DIR permit use of the Logo only by active Alliance Program Partners, and only pursuant to the license set forth here.

The following information supplements the license by providing an easy guide to permitted uses of the Logo. Upon request, Cal/OSHA will review proposed uses of the Logo by Alliance Program Partners.

Appearance of Logo

The Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Logo cannot be altered from how it appears above except that:

  • The overall size may be increased or decreased for aesthetic purposes, but the Logo cannot constitute more than 10% of the page on which it appears.
  • The Logo may appear in black and white; grey and white; or in the colors used above. No other colors may be added or used.

How the Logo May Be Used by Alliance Partners approved by Cal/OSHA

Use by Alliance Program Partners and approved by Cal/OSHA - Mandatory Acknowledgment

Regardless of the media, in which the Logo appears, Alliance Program Partner uses of the Logo must be accompanied by the following acknowledgment:

As a member of the Cal/OSHA Alliance Program, [name of Partner using the Logo] developed this ____ for informational purposes only. The content herein does not necessarily reflect the official views of Cal/OSHA or the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). Use of the Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Logo does not, and is not intended to confer endorsement of this content. The Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Logo indicates [name of Partner using the Logo]’s status as a Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Partner.

Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Partners may use the Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Logo with the following materials so long as they are active participants in the Alliance Program. Any use of the Logo, including use with respect to existing printed materials, must cease upon termination of participation in the Cal/OSHA Alliance Program. By using the Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Logo, an Alliance Program Partner has accepted and agreed to the license terms and conditions.

  • Printed materials including manuals, reports, studies, fact sheets, posters, flyers, brochures, banners, and other publications developed in consultation with Cal/OSHA through the Alliance Program.
  • Stationery. This is allowed in limited circumstances. Approval from Cal/OSHA must be obtained prior to use.
  • Websites developed by Alliance Program Partners. The Logo cannot be used to give the appearance that the Alliance Program Partner's website is part of Cal/OSHA or Cal/OSHA’s website. Alliance Program Partners are allowed to maintain deep links on their website to Cal/OSHA’s website.
  • PowerPoint presentations and videos developed in coordination with Cal/OSHA through the Alliance Program for information and/or training purposes.

Questions about Use and Requests for Approval of Proposed Use

For questions about permitted uses of the Cal/OSHA Alliance Program Logo, including a request for review and approval of a proposed use, please contact the Alliance Program Coordinator, who can be found on the Alliance Program webpage. Approval requests must be accompanied by a color mock-up, and include the name, telephone number and email address of the Alliance Program Partner representative who can answer questions from, or discuss needed modifications with Cal/OSHA.

October 2019