Frequently Asked Questions

OSIP Online Services

Q. What are the system requirements to use OSIP Online Services? Q. What is OSIP Online? Q. What types of things can be done in OSIP Online Services? Q. Are there user guides available for OSIP Online Services? Q. How do I get access to OSIP Online Services? Q. What size files can I attach to submissions? Q. What guidance is there for using OSIP Online Services? Q. What if I do not receive a confirmation email? Q. Why am I getting an error message when I use the browser back button? Q. What are the rules for entering monetary numbers? Q. Why am I getting a “System Error” message?


Q. I am trying to register as a new Actuary with OSIP.  What do I do if I don’t see my designation in the pull down list? Q. How is the Actuarial Summary & Study online form different than the hardcopy version I did previously? Q. What if I do not see my client listed in the pull down menu of the Actuarial Summary & Study screen? Q. If I update my Actuary profile with a new actuarial firm, are my client notified?

Financial Statements

Q. How many financial statements can self-insured groups submit through OSIP Online? Q. Which financial years can a private employer submit financial statements for?


Q. What do the new regulations require of California Self-Insurers? Q. Who must file an actuarial study? Q. When did these requirements go into effect? Q. Which actuaries are qualified to do this? Q. How will this affect my security deposit? Q. What if I already have an actuarial study, but it is not valued as of December 31st? Q. Do I still need to complete an OSIP Annual Report and submit financial statements if I file an actuarial summary and study?


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March 2018