IMR update 2018

Case Decisions Issued

Case decisions


"Average Age from Assigned Date" represents the average number of calendar days required to process an IMR from the date the Notice of Assignment and Request for Information (NOARFI) was mailed to the date the Final Determination Letter (FDL) was mailed.

"Average Age from Complete Medical Records" represents the average number of calendar days required to process an IMR from the date MAXIMUS received all necessary records to the date the FDL was mailed.

IMR Application Filings

Total IMR Applications are the gross number received by the IMRO in the given calendar month. Once duplicate filings have been identified and removed, those Unique Applications are screened for eligibility.

IMR Application Filings

Ineligible Applications

Eligible Applications are those accepted by the IMRO for review. Reasons for applications being found ineligible include: 

  • It lacks the signature of the injured worker (or representative);
  • It is not on time, that is, not submitted within 30 days of receipt of the UR decision;
  • The utilization review report is not attached to the application; or
  • The utilization review is invalid because it contains a conditionally noncertified (CNC)** decision.Ineligible Applications

**Conditionally noncertified (CNC) decision: A UR decision that has been denied because the treating physician has not provided the medical information requested by the claims administrator that is required to make a medical necessity determination on the treatment recommendation.

Treatment Requests/Service Categories

Treatment request” refers to the medical treatment that was denied in UR and challenged through the IMR process. IMR cases have at least one treatment, or may have more than one. Treatment requests are classified into broad categories and subcategories; specific detail is found in the Final Determination Letter.

IMR treatment request

*DMEPOS: Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies

Treatment Request Outcomes (April 2018)

  • Uphold – the IMRO decided that the disputed service was not medically necessary and appropriate.
  • Overturn – the IMRO decided that the disputed service is medically necessary and appropriate.

Service Categories Requests Upheld Overturned
Pharmaceuticals 12,541 91% 9%
Diagnostic Testing 4,487 91% 9%
Rehabilitation 4,128 93% 7%
DMEPOS 2,278 92% 8%
Injection 2,025 90% 10%
Surgery 1,309 90% 10%
Evaluation and Management 1,169 83% 17%
Psych Services 317 82% 18%
Programs 268 82% 18%
Home Health & Transportation 169 89% 11%


Pharmaceutical Subcategories
(Most Requested Medications)
Requests Upheld Overturned
Opioids 4,228 92% 8%
Muscle Relaxants 1,817 97% 3%
Topical Analgesics 1,483 95% 5%
NSAIDs 1,071 84% 16%
Anti-Epilepsy Drugs 870 82% 18%
Sedative-hypnotics 592 95% 5%
Proton Pump Inhibitors 449 89% 11%
Antidepressants 478 75% 25%
Benzodiazepines 364 98% 2%

May 2018