Workplace Violent Incident Reporting System for Hospitals

General Information

  • General Acute Care Hospitals (GACH), Acute Psychiatric Hospitals (APH), and Special Hospitals (SH) are required to report incidents of workplace violence at their facilities to Cal/OSHA. For reporting requirements, refer to subsection (g) of Title 8, CCR, Section 3342.
  • Reports are accepted only through the secure online reporting system set up by Cal/OSHA.
  • No email, fax, or phone reports are accepted.

How to Get Started

  • Before reports can be submitted online, hospital facilities must pre-register with Cal/OSHA.
  • A pre-registered hospital facility can then refer authorized staff to register for user accounts using the online system.
  • Only individuals authorized by the hospital may sign up for user accounts and submit reports.
  • Cal/OSHA has developed a series of six online tutorials to help hospital administrators and registered users understand reporting requirements and how to use the system.

Workplace Violent Incident Reporting System

Hospital Pre-Registration

To submit a report:

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  • Hospitals must pre-register with Cal/OSHA by providing the name and contact information for the hospital representative who has the authority to authorize user registration requests and user account deletions. Cal/OSHA sent a letter on February 1, 2017 to all licensed hospitals with instructions on how to pre-register. If you are a hospital administrator and believe that your hospital facility has not pre-registered with Cal/OSHA, or your hospital facility opened after January 1, 2017, please email
  • Hospitals must use the WPV Hospital Registration Spreadsheet in order to complete the pre-registration process. If you are having issues with accessing the spreadsheet, please email for assistance.

User Registration

  • Users of the system are designated staff approved by the hospital representative to report incidents of workplace violence for a hospital facility. Please complete self-registration here:

    To register as a user:

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    Please do not submit a registration request unless approved by your hospital facility. Any unapproved requests will be rejected. We encourage you to view User Tutorial Module 4 prior to registering. See link below.


Hospital Representatives

System Users

Quick Reference Guides

Annual Report

Senate Bill 1299 (SB1299) requires that Cal/OSHA post a report each January on the total number of incidents reported, the names of the hospital facilities that made a report(s), the outcome of any related inspections or investigations, the citations levied against a hospital based on a violent incident, and recommendations for the prevention of violent incidents in hospitals. Cal/OSHA may also post data aggregated across facilities for data elements of interest. Cal/OSHA will not identify individual facilities in the posted aggregate data.

Annual Reports on information submitted by hospitals starting July 2017

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