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Petitions Submitted to the Board for Consideration:

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Board) is the only agency in the State authorized to adopt occupational safety and health standards or orders. The Board is required to hold open public meetings at least monthly and to permit any person to address the Board on any matters of occupational safety or health or to propose new or revised standards. Petitions for standard changes will be evaluated by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health. The Board will report its decision no later than six months following receipt of a petition.

File #
Regarding Date Submitted Status
Petition 589 To amend Title 8, Construction Safety Orders, Article 14, Construction Hoists to conform with ANSI/ASSE A10.4-2016 requirements concerning equipment, responsibilities and safety. Mar. 15, 2021
Petition 588 To amend Title 8, CCR, Section 462 of the Unfired Pressure Vessel Safety Orders (UFPVSO), to permit the use of polyethylene (aka HDPE plastic) pipe to convey compressed air in California mines. Jan. 5, 2021
Petition 587 To amend Title 8, Construction Safety Orders (CSO), Section 1630 as it pertains to construction personnel hoists (CPH), to expedite amendments proposed by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health in their April 3, 2019, Request for New, or Change in Existing, Safety Order (Form 9). Additionally, the Petition asks to address additional CPH issues: the definition of when alternative access is permissible in lieu of a CPH; and a requirement in the permit application for employers to provide empirical data to substantiate the infeasibility of CPH use. Oct. 15, 2020
Petition 586 To amend Title 8, Sections 3441 and 3449, to change existing portable restroom Illumination Guidelines to be consistent with feasible and most up to date technology for illumination levels provided by solar lighting manufacturers.ion Aug. 19, 2020
Petition 585 To amend Title 8, Section 1711, to allow the internal guying/bracing of reinforcing steel (rebar) assemblies when the guying/bracing system is designed by a qualified person and to clarify that external guying and bracing of rebar assemblies shall be prohibited. Jun. 2, 2020 GRANTED in part
Petition 584 To amend Title 8, Section 5189.1, Process Safety Management, Definitions of Major Change, Employee Representative and Participation, Highly hazardous Materials and amendment of the High Hazard Control Analysis hierarchy. May 22, 2020 GRANTED in part
Petition 583 To amend Title 8 standards to create two new regulations. The first, a temporary emergency standard that would provide specific protections to California employees who may have exposure to COVID-19, but who are not protected by the Aerosol Transmissible Diseases standards (Sections 5199 and 5199.1). The second standard would be a permanent rulemaking effort to protect workers from infectious diseases including novel pathogens (e.g. COVID-19). May 20, 2020 GRANTED in part
Petition 582 To amend Title 8, Section 1711, to allow the internal guying/bracing of reinforcing steel (rebar) when the guying/bracing system is designed by a qualified person. May 13, 2020 WITHDRAWN
Petition 581 To amend Title 8 to ensure the safety and health of rail and transit carrier workers in California against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Apr. 23, 2020 DENIED
Petition 580 To amend Title 8, Section 2530.43, to clarify the existing anti-restart standard as well as add current Federal OSHA language to Title 8, Section 4001 to better align with Federal OSHA requirement (1910.213(b)(3)). Mar. 17, 2020 DENIED
Petition 579 To amend various sections of General Industry Safety Orders and Construction Safety Orders to address water damaged building (WDB) mold investigation and remediation methodologies Jan. 10, 2020 DENIED
Petition 578 To amend Construction Safety Orders, Section 1710(l), to clarify to employers when the use of barrier planking is required as a means for preventing workers from falling through floor openings during multi story high rise steel erection through use of an exception to subsection (l). Aug. 5, 2019 DENIED
Petition 577 To amend Construction Safety Orders, Section 1630(a), Elevators for Hoisting Workers Jun. 7, 2019 GRANTED in part
Petition 576 To amend General Industry Safety Orders, Section 5193, Bloodborne Pathogens Apr. 18, 2019 GRANTED in part
Petition 575 To amend General Industry Safety Orders, Section 5357, regarding snow avalanche blasting, to allow remote control deployment of avalanche charges (explosives) Apr. 17, 2019 GRANTED in part
Petition 574 To amend Construction Safety Orders, Section 1604.5(d)(2) regarding the construction of towers, masts, and hoistway enclosures Dec. 27, 2018 DENIED
Petition 573 To amend Title 8 through the addition of Emergency Standards to protect outdoor workers from wildfire smoke constituents Dec. 13, 2018 GRANTED in part
Petition 572 To amend Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Section 3203(a) Dec. 3, 2018 DENIED
Petition 571 To amend Section 3441(b) to permit the use of highly automated and autonomous agricultural equipment Nov. 26, 2018 DENIED
Petition 570 To amend Section 1710 to address definitions and clarify the standard for fall protection for workers in skeleton steel construction Aug. 8, 2018 GRANTED
Petition 569 To amend Section 5193(d)(3)(A)(4)b. to require needles that are used for medical procedures, be capped prior to disposal Feb. 19, 2018 DENIED
Petition 568 To amend Section 1529 to address workers exposed to naturally occurring asbestos Dec. 6, 2017 GRANTED
Petition 567 To add standards addressing the removal of surgical plume/smoke Oct. 10, 2017 GRANTED
Petition 566 To add specific requirements for the use of two handled, large trash bags and training to reduce musculoskeletal stress when lifting Jun. 21, 2017 DENIED
Petition 565 To amend various General Industry Safety Orders to allow employers of date palm tendering employees to use engineered platforms mounted on industrial lift trucks Apr. 28, 2017 GRANTED
Petition 564 To add New Section 6897 to the Petroleum Safety Orders Apr. 3, 2017 WITHDRAWN
Petition 563 To require a targeted approach to tuberculosis (TB) testing of healthcare workers in healthcare settings instead of universal annual TB testing Jan. 30, 2017 DENIED
Petition 562 To allow employee access to the employer’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Jan. 26, 2017 GRANTED
Petition 561 To include an alternative design that will prevent mechanical equipment from running over the edge of a floor opening Jan. 24, 2017 DENIED
Petition 560 The unique health and safety needs and issues faced by the adult film industry May. 6, 2016 GRANTED
Petition 559 Prohibiting the use of unapproved lifting devices when removing plywood from trenches Apr. 25, 2016 DENIED
Petition 558 Deleting exception 9 Mar. 8, 2016 GRANTED
Petition 557 Clarifying required protections for workers in the adult film industry Feb. 29, 2016 GRANTED
Petition 556 Elevated Work Platforms Feb. 29, 2016 GRANTED
Petition 555 Portable power-driven circular saw blade guarding Feb. 20, 2016 DENIED
Petition 554 Pertaining to porta potties to require the use of solar powered ventilation systems Jan. 21, 2016 DENIED
Petition 553 Fall protection for telecom workers Dec. 28, 2015 GRANTED
Petition 549 Brush Chipper safety Aug. 20, 2015 GRANTED
Petition 545 Office, Educational and Institutional Occupancies Dec. 17, 2014 GRANTED in part, DENIED in part
Petition 542 Safety standards to reduce injuries in the educational setting Jul. 17, 2014 GRANTED
Petition 539 Workplace violence prevention Feb. 20, 2014 GRANTED
Petition 538 Workplace violence prevention for healthcare workers Feb. 10, 2014 GRANTED
Petition 537 Reinforcing steel and post-tensioning activities Sep. 11, 2013 GRANTED
Petition 531 Alternatives to personal fall protection systems Oct. 15, 2012 GRANTED
Petition 519 Requirements for first aid supplies Oct. 29, 2010 GRANTED

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