Garment worker wage claim / AB 633

Garment workers who are not paid their full wages may files claims under the Garment Worker Protection Act, a law known as AB 633. Under this law, garment workers who are not paid for their work may file claims against the contractor who hired them, as well as the manufacturers whose garments they produced. In some cases, retailers may also be responsible for garment workers’ unpaid wages. Under California law, these manufacturers and retailers are called “guarantors” and must guarantee that garment workers receive their wages.

To file a claim, complete the Garment Initial Claim form and mail it or take it to any of the Labor Commissioner’s district office locations.  The claim form and accompanying instructions are available in English and Spanish.

If you go to the Los Angeles office, a Deputy Labor Commissioner will interview you and help you complete the claim form. If you go to another Labor Commissioner office location, a phone interview will be scheduled with a Deputy in the Los Angeles office to help you complete the claim form.

Watch a video in English on how the Labor Commissioner’s Office can help you recover your unpaid wages.

Vea un video sobre el proceso del reclamo de salario en español aquí.

Read more about the wage claim process.

For garment workers: view, print or download a guide on how to recover your unpaid wages with the Labor Commissioner’s Office. This guide is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

For updates on your wage claim, please email the district office where you filed your claim and include your claim number in the subject line. For general questions, please email

Resources for filing a wage claim

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