OSIP Audit Unit


Audit Process


There are many steps in the audit process and during a number of these steps there is substantial opportunity to communicate with the audit staff to ask questions and participate in the audit process. Below are flow charts providing a visual picture of the sequence of events that occur in the audit process.


Audit Process Flowchart:
 PHASE I (Desk Audit)
  (1) Selected for audit,
  (2) Pre Audit notification letter to self-insured and TPA requesting documents,
  (3) SI or TPA  Provided Requested Documents to OSIP,
  (4) Supervisor Reviews Provided and other information,
  (5) Notification letter to SI Advising if selected for Field Audit.
 PHASE II (Field Audit)
  (1) Pre-Audit Notification Letter to TPA or Self-Administered,
  (2) SI or TPA prepares for audit,
  (3) Audit field work begins,
  (4) On-Site Audit Progresses,
  (5) Post-Audit Conference,
  (6) Audit field work ends,
  (7) Auditor completes audit work,
  (8) Supervisor reviews field work and report,
  (9) Written audit report mailed,
  (10) End of audit.


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February 2020