Investigation Procedures Overview

Reports of labor law violations are reviewed and prioritized for possible investigation.

During an investigation, investigators typically visit the workplace to conduct an inspection. The investigators may speak with the employer at the workplace and interview workers at another location that is away from the employer. They ask workers questions about the work hours, meal and rest periods and other working conditions. Investigators do not share workers' responses with the employer or ask workers about their immigration status.

If you are nervous about speaking to investigators at your workplace, you can ask them for their business card and call them after they leave your workplace to arrange an off-site interview.

When investigators determine that an employer did not follow required labor laws, they issue citations for civil penalties and wages that the employer owes the workers. The investigators work with the employer to correct the problem, and to ensure the employer abides by all labor laws.

If the Labor Commissioner's Office recovers any wages that you are owed, you will be notified by mail after your employer pays the citations.

Additional information for workers about the investigation process is available in the following languages:

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August 2016