Electrician certification program

Approved Continuing Education Providers: (CCR Title 8 Regulations § 290.1)

  • Any Federal or State apprenticeship programs - DAS website

  • Other approved continuing education providers under contract with a CA public educational institution.

    Note: There are some continuing education providers that are removed due to CCR Title 8 Regulations §290.1. Educational providers must have a partnership or a contract with a CA public education institution, community college or public school district or a private postsecondary educational institution. In order to be placed back on the list, you must provide a letter showing your agreement/contract with a public school entity. Send your letter of agreement to: DIR/DLSE – Attn: Luisa Martinez – ECU, 1515 Clay Street, Suite 401, Oakland, CA 94612.

    To all Certified Electricians,
    This is to notify you that some continuing education providers will no longer be recognized with the State of California – Electrician Certification unit. You can seek continuing education under the continuing education providers list for certification from our main website at http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/ECU/ElectricalTrade.html or go directly to the link at http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/ECU/continuingeducation.html. The 32 hours of continuing education must be from an approved provider listed on our website. We will continue to accept renewal applications if you have completed your continuing education courses and have already paid to take courses from continuing education providers no longer listed. If you took courses from any of the educational providers no longer listed prior to February 1, 2016, you can submit your renewal application with your certificates of completion and renewal fee.







April 2016