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Step 2: Take an Exam

  • Before applying for job vacancies with the State of California you must pass an exam(s) for the job type.
  • Search and apply for an open exam using the Browse Job Openings button. Exams can be in-person or online. The exam bulletin indicates the types of testing methods used for the exams.
  • Make sure you meet the job’s qualifications to take the exams. You can find that information on the exam under the “Who Should Apply” section.
  • Prepare for the exam by reading the “Examination Information” section of the exam bulletin. This will explain the scope of the exam including the skills, abilities, and knowledge necessary to perform the job.

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What happens after you take an exam?

You should receive the results of an online exam within one business day after you complete it. If you are taking a written exam in person, the exam results will be mailed to you. You should receive results approximately 4-6 weeks after taking the exam. Once results are mailed your ranking can be viewed online. Successful exam candidates are placed on an eligibility list. Eligibility lists are divided into ranks by score and candidates in the top three ranks are immediately eligible for appointment. An individual’s ranking may change as hires are made and names are added or deleted from the eligibility lists.  You do not need to receive an inquiry to apply to a position. You can apply for any job vacancy for which you meet the qualifications.

How to Apply