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Subchapter 5. Electrical Safety Orders
Group 1. Low-Voltage Electrical Safety Orders
Article 60. Oil and Gas Wells
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§2548.21. General.

(a) Other Orders. The requirements of this Section shall be deemed to be additional to, or amendatory of, those prescribed in Articles 1 through 59.

(b) Scope. This section shall be applicable to oil or gas wells located over water, on man-made islands offshore, or at land-based locations. Areas adjacent to oil or gas wells shall be classified as Class I Locations as outlined below, and installations shall comply with the requirements for such locations.

(c) Definitions. Adequate Ventilation. (As applied to enclosed areas) a mechanical ventilation system supplied from a nonhazardous source that provides for a minimum of 12 air changes per hour.

Enclosed Area. Roofed areas having at least three (3) walls, or open sumps or pits into which highly volatile liquids are run, or areas surrounded by buildings or walls in which flammable vapors may accumulate.

Locomotive Cable. Cable having the physical property of being oil resistant and constructed as to be suitable for application on power and control circuits in diesel or electric locomotives and suitable for oil rigging applications.

Positive Pressure Ventilation. A mechanical ventilation system capable of providing a minimum outward air velocity of 60 feet per minute through all openings.

Hazardous Location. See Section 5416 of the General Industry Safety Orders, Title 8, CAC.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code; and Section 18943(c), Health and Safety Code.


1. Repealer of Article 60 (Sections 2541.1-2541.16) and renumbering and amendment of Article 67.1 (Sections 2548.21-2548.26) to Article 60 (Sections 2548.21-2548.26) filed 2-1-83; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 83, No. 6). For prior history, see Registers 78, No. 13, and 75, No. 42.

2. Editorial correction filed 11-2-83 (Register 83, No. 45).

3. Editorial correction of subsection (a) filed 11-3-83 (Register 83, No. 45).

4. Amendment of subsections (b) and (c) filed 8-27-86; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 86, No. 37).

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