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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 3. Reports to the Division
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§6960. Reports to the Division.


(a) Whether or not personal injury results, the person in charge shall notify the Division forthwith of every case of:

(1) Fire threatening injury to men or mine workings.

(2) Appearance of dangerous accumulations of gas.

(3) Breakage of cables or other gear by which men are hoisted or lowered.

(4) Overwinding while men are being hoisted.

(5) Serious inrush of water.

(6) Advancing a mine working within 100 feet of any other mine working suspected of containing a dangerous accumulation of water or gases.

(7) Crushing of active mine workings.

(8) Any serious problem of ground instability.

(9) Fatal accidents and accidents resulting in two or more serious injuries.

(10) Any other accident, occurrence, or change of condition that tends to materially increase the hazards of mining.

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