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Chapter 3.2. California Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (CAL/OSHA)
Subchapter 2. Regulations of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health

Article 6. Administration of Permanent Amusement Ride Program
(Permanent Amusement Rides Administrative Regulations)

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§ 344.15. Accident Response and Notification.

(a) Reporting of Accidents.
Each operator of a permanent amusement ride shall report or cause to be reported to the Division's Anaheim or Sacramento Amusement Ride Section Office immediately by telephone each known accident where maintenance, operation, or use of the permanent amusement ride results in a death or serious injury to any person unless the injury does not require medical service other than ordinary first aid.
(b) Preservation of Accident Scene.
(1) If a death or serious injury results from the failure, malfunction, or operation of a permanent amusement ride, the equipment or conditions that caused the accident shall be preserved for the purpose of an investigation by the division.
(2) Upon receiving a report of an accident from an owner or operator, the Division shall make a determination as to whether preservation is necessary and inform the owner or operator of its determination.
(A) If the Division determines that preservation is necessary, the Division shall make a reasonable effort to initiate the inspection within 24 hours of receipt of the report from the owner or operator.
(B) Upon initiating the inspection, the Division shall provide the owner or operator with an instruction as to how long the equipment or conditions shall continue to be preserved.
(c) Notification of the Division by Emergency Responders.
Whenever a state, county, or local fire or police agency is called to an accident involving a permanent amusement ride covered by this Article where the death of a patron or a patron injury requiring medical service other than first aid has occurred, the Anaheim or Sacramento Amusement Ride Section Office of the Division shall be notified by telephone immediately by the responding agency.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 60.5, 7923 and 7928, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 7920-7932, Labor Code.
1. New section filed 10-30-2001; operative 10-30-2001 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2001, No. 44).

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