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Minimum wage increases to $6.25 per hour starting January 1 - Minimum wage order 2001 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 35KB, Legal Size Document

1998-1999 Biennial Report

AB 931 - Electrician's certification program

Industrial Welfare Commission adopts an increase to the minimum wage Effective January 1, 2001

California Voluntary Protection Program workshop - January 23-24, 2001

California Forum for Workplace Health and Safety - February 8th & 9th, 2001 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Format 274KB

Amended wage orders 1-15 and interim wage order - 2000 effective October 1, 2000

Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation 1999 - 2000 Annual Report

Qualified medical evaluators database

Asbestos Contractor's Registration Unit

Child Labor Law Manual ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** , Document Size 212KB

Interim wage order 2000 (with Summary) Effective March 1, 2000

Cal/OSHA implements AB 1127 - effective January 1, 2000

Understanding AB 60: An In depth look at the provisions of the Eight Hour Day Restoration and Workplace Flexibility Act of 1999
This Memo was drafted prior to the IWC's adoption of the Interim wage order, and as such, this Memo does not purport to interpret the interim wage order. To the extent that any provisions of the interim wage order may be inconsistent with this memo, the wage order provisions would prevail.